Registration of the new user

In order to make purchases on NaizDenda you must first be registered. The registration is done simultaneously for the entire Naiz environment, in the conditions explained in the Legal Notice.

Products offered

NaizDenda will show at each moment the products on sale along with some of their features and prices. The features of the products can change at any time, new products may be added and others on offer may be removed without prior notice.

Prices of the products

The price of each product is that displayed on the screen. These can vary upwards or downwards without prior notice.

The price displayed beside the product does not include shipping costs. These are calculated during the payment process, depending on the city or country the shipping is made to.

The on-screen prices are indicated in euros and include the corresponding VAT or any other type of tax applicable, except those that depend on the city or country the shipping is made to, such as customs taxes.

NaizDenda can offer discounts to subscribers of Naiz or of the media hosted by Naiz. This discount may also vary, both over time and depending on the type of subscription of the user.


All orders of products are subject to their availability.

Purchase policy

After making the purchase the user will receive an email to confirm it. The order confirmation and the proof of purchase (printed by the user) will not be valid as invoices, and the latter must be requested in the event of being necessary.

Order delivery

The delivery of the order corresponds to the company/companies subcontracted by NaizDenda, normally Correos and courier services. The delivery conditions are those that these companies normally stipulate and do not depend on NaizDenda.


The payment methods are shown on screen. They can be different depending on the product, and can also vary over time or depending on the type of user. For example, subscribers are allowed to pay from the same bank account from which they pay for their subscription.

Other usual payment methods include credit or debit card and Paypal.

In the case of cards, payments may not be carried out with fake or fraudulent cards. If there are reasons to believe that an order has been made with such methods, NaizDenda may cancel it.